White Cross Ministry

The White Cross Ministry was started in 1919, having grown out of the Red Cross work being done during World War I.

Making a Difference in Cameroon

This ministry provides a hands-on opportunity to partner in the work done in our Baptist hospitals and field clinics in Cameroon.  Through donations, we help supply needed medical items such as bandages, pressure pads, draw sheets, sitting pads and patient gowns (wrappers).  In addition, we collect and send donations of other medical items such as crutches, wheelchairs, glasses, tensor bandages and support braces.

New flannelette is purchased to sew baby layettes (a blanket, jacket and diaper). The layettes are presented to each mother that delivers at one of our hospitals in Cameroon.  Donated materials are used to sew sitting pads and wrappers or ripped and rolled into 3” bandages or cut into 4” squares for pressure bandages.  

Two Main Events

January Work Bee and Spring Sewing Bee

These two events offer adults, youth, and children an opportunity to get involved in the very important White Cross Ministry.

Our January Work Bee is to prepare and cut fabric for the Spring Sewing Bee.  A morning and an evening session is offered at each of these events. Volunteers come together to prepare, sew and assemble the needed items.  Bandage rolling and cutting squares are ongoing projects throughout the year.