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Church plant proposal

At our 2023 AGM, the elders proposed the idea of CHBC partnering in a church plant in PG.

The vision

To our CHBC family,

On behalf of the elder council, let me express how excited we are to share with you what the elders have been working towards for much of 2022. We spent a good part of our past year praying and thinking about the vision to plant a church. 

In truth, this idea has been in place long before the past year. When CHBC was planted 50 years ago by Fort George Baptist, the idea was always to plant again once the doors were full. Over the decades, the idea was revisited by various boards and elder councils, but something always seemed to impede making this a reality. But we believe that we're in a time of flourishing and welcoming so many new people into our church family. 

The time feels right to us to take this step of faith. 

Elder chair, Chris Bowler

From the AGM

The video above is a recording of the AGM where the elders introduce the idea and vision. And you can read the entire proposal in a PDF with the button below.

April 14 Town hall recording

May 9 Town hall recording

What's next?

Here's what we've done to date:

  • March 28th AGM: idea is presented to the congregation
  • 24 page proposal available to review
  • April 14th town hall:
  • This was an opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, suggest ideas, and meet our potential church planters, Micah & Rebecca Brookhart, who were present at the meeting. We will also be joined by our NAB BC Association area minister, Bob Krahn.
  • May 9th was another town hall with a focus on prayer.
  • This was another opportunity for questions, comments and feedback, as well as a time focused on prayer regarding the church plant proposal.

Here is the timeline for the coming months heading to our May congregational meeting.

  • May 16th prayer time with elders: 7:00 pm at the church. (no Zoom or recording)
  • Congregational meeting on May 30th

Have questions?

If you're not comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, you can also submit a question ahead of the scheduled meetings. Send any thoughts, questions, or feedback to the elder chair and we'll address those questions during the town hall in April.