Drive-in Watch Party

Come and join us for a drive-in watch party in the CHBC parking lot! Book a ticket today!

Drive-in Watch Party

On Sunday night, January 31st we'll gather (up to) 50 vehicles in our church parking lot to participate in our first ever Drive-in Watch Party! It's simple:

  1. Book a ticket here (*one ticket per vehicle)
  2. Arrive at the church parking lot between 5:30-6:00pm where you'll be directed to a parking spot by our attendants. 
  3. Tune your radio to 103.1FM and BOOM, you get to participate in a church service you can tell your grandkids about! 

(**Starting at 5:30pm we'll be leading a game of Bible Trivia and other shenanigans, so come early and join in!**)

See you there!