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Ukraine Crisis Refugee Assistance

Partner with the NAB Conference to give support to those affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

Dear Church Family: The Missions Committee received a letter from one of our missionary couples, Paul & Tanya Gericke at Camp Falcon Rock in Romania. This prompted the committee and the elders to pray about providing funds to the NAB donation opportunity to assist Ukrainian refugees. Through the elders, the board and the missions committee, the CHBC family has donated $6,000 to the NAB fund for the Ukraine crisis." 


We invite you to participate in this opportunity as well.


Background Information: Paul and Tanya along with the team at Camp Falcon Rock have been connected with a network of local NGOs/foundations who are working together to transport and place refugees as they come in based on group size and which border they cross. Camp Falcon Rock has opened its doors to receive 40-50 refugees. The Gerickes have put their contact information out and each day they have been getting text messages and calls from various individuals needing housing for themselves or friends crossing the border. They then connect with the network and work together to determine which place makes the most sense for the family, or group to stay. So far most of the people who have reached out to Paul and Tanya are those who are needing just accommodation for a night or two as they are making their way to Western Europe. The prediction is that in the next week the refugees who will be crossing the borders will be the ones who will need to stay in Romania long term because they won’t have connections or access to the West. So, at the moment Paul and Tanya and their team are on stand by at Camp Falcon Rock, ready to respond when the need arises.


NAB Refugee Assistance: The Gericke’s sending organization, the NAB, has responded quickly to this crisis. The NAB has two other mission fields in Eastern/Central Europe outside of the Romania field and all are joining initiatives to respond to this situation. With that, the NAB has set up a giving avenue to help the work going on to support Ukraine, including the work the Gerickes are doing with the Hungarian Baptist Convention of Romania. Camp Falcon Rock (located in Northwest Romania) along with its sister camp, Camp Harghita (located in Central East Romania) are opening their doors to receive those who are currently trying to make it through the border. Your support will go toward expenses for:

· food

· transportation

· basic needs/supplies

· medical costs

· accommodations

· and hiring staff to host and support this response


If you feel led to donate, please use this link: